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Civic Online Reasoning: Why the Internet Spins Smart People in Circles with Sam Wineburg

The internet has a way of spinning smart people in circles. Based on research with professional fact-checking, Dr. Wineburg helps restore our balance and gives us new tools to stay sane in our digital reality.

Zines in Libraries and Classrooms with Kelsea Jones

Building diverse library collections, outreach activities, improving information literacy, and classroom assessments, Zines have a very versatile ability to do all of this and be a platform for raising marginalized voices and student voices within library collections.

67th MT Legislative Session Recap with Janelle Booth

This recap of the 2021 Montana Legislative Session will provide a rundown of major legislation impacting higher education and a look at the legislative process from the perspective of the Montana University System lobbyist.

Cataloging Questions - CAT Roundtable with Leslie Reiger & the Cataloging Committee

The TRAILS Cataloging Committee will answer cataloging questions live at a virtual table talk.

Library Cheat Sheets: an open source Libguides alternative @ Rocky Mountain College with Brad Coffield

RMC Library has developed an open-source alternative to LibGuides and other pathfinders that focuses on simplicity for both librarians and end-users. This talk will introduce participants to our Cheatsheets and to the issues that commonly arise with LibGuides usage that this system is intended to solve.

Social Media and Our Information Environment: Building Awareness of Fake News, Algorithms, and Genuine Voices in Networked Spaces with Doralyn Rossmann

Through this session, attendees will learn how to talk critically about social media, including the design of these platforms, how information is collected and used, and how to navigate the communities and information in these environments as an educated, responsible user. Additionally, they will be introduced to a variety of tools that can help them understand and interpret social media information and environments. Finally, they will gain knowledge of how social movements are advanced through social media and how they can learn more about the experiences of others and become an ally and advocate through these networks.

Customizing Email Letters - RSF RoundtableBethany Schatzke & the Resource Sharing & Fulfillment Committee

For the symposium, the Resource Sharing and Fulfillment committee proposes a roundtable presentation on beginner/intermediate level customizing and configuring (email) letters in Alma. I will be the lead presenter, but other members of our RSF steering committee will also contribute to the panel. It is our hope that we can make this customization process easier, especially for the smaller libraries, some of which are still using many default fields and settings in their patron letters.

Bryan Alexander presents - Academia After the Storm: Higher Education’s New Futures

Where is academia headed? How did the extraordinary events of 2020 reshape higher education’s futures? What does it all mean for academic libraries? In this session we look forward to the future with a close eye on the present, starting by examining the major forces reshaping higher education before COVID-19 struck. These include demographics, macroeconomics, geopolitics, and enrollment. Next we summarize the pandemic’s impact on colleges and universities, forecasting long-term changes. Then we advance farther ahead to anticipate the ways climate change might transform academia.

A Systematic Approach to Investigating Learning Technology Integrations in Support of Information Literacy

Learning management systems (LMS) are designed to create, distribute, and manage the delivery of educational content. Integrating library resources and research assistance directly within the LMS allows students to access library materials directly through their course and reimagines the use of e-reserves. Allowing students access via the LMS reduces access barriers and places the library within the academic context of the course.Hannah McKelvey & Meghan Salsbury share their project to use LTI applications to promote library materials in the classroom.

Connecting Faculty to the Online World - Roundtable

How well does your faculty know what library resources best support them and their students?  Do you know what journals, ebooks, and streaming videos, might be valuable resources for classes?  Susan Matter will go over a few ideas for connecting faculty with online resources, but this is a roundtable event, so please share your ideas as well.

Intro to Creative Commons Licenses and OER

Christina Trunnell will present a quick guide to understanding the Creative Commons licenses, how they interact with Fair Use Doctrine, and their role in furthering education and librarianship.

Online Performance Support - Helping Patrons Help Themselves with Meghan Salsbury & Star Bradley

Our patrons need research and reference assistance at all hours of the day, not only when the physical library building is open. Providing high-quality, accessible online performance support (or point-of-need) tools for students, faculty, and staff can help them successfully complete their work even when the library is closed. We will present on MSU Library’s work in the area of performance support including the updating of LibGuides, providing quick and easy tutorials through the library’s website, and integrating into the campus LMS (Brightspace).

What Happens in Vagus (nerve): Simple Techniques to Promote Mindfulness and Wellness with Loy Sprague

The presentation will focus on the impact of stress on our daily lives and simple ways to build mindfulness and wellness through presence, breathing, and body techniques. Participants will have an opportunity to practice a few techniques that can be cultivated in daily activities.

MT Historical Society Resources with Laura Tretter & Jeff Malcomson

The Montana Historical Society offers a wealth of content and services to academic researchers. Join State Archivist, Rich Aarstad; Photograph Archives Manager, Jeff Malcomson; and Library Manager, Laura Tretter for highlights and gems from the Research Center collections as we explore digital and physical resources from all three sections. You will learn how researchers can access and use our collections both remotely and in person this summer and into the upcoming academic year. You will also hear a brief update on renovation plans for the Research Center and the Historical Society.

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