Cataloging (CAT)

Develop user documentation, guidelines, best practices, and recommendations that pertain to physical resource management in Alma and Primo. Chair: Rafaela Acevedo-Field, UM Western (3/2024)

Collection Development (CDC)

Facilitate consortium purchasing of resources, saving costs and expanding access to resources for TRAILS members. Chair: Barry Brown, UM (6/2016) & Rachelle McLain, MSU (7/2017)

Digital Preservation (DPC)

Collaboratively share knowledge and coordinate digital preservation activities across multiple libraries in MT. Chair: Erin Baucom, UM (10/2017)

Discovery (DIS)

Discuss issues and improvements for Primo across TRAILS. Specific topics include Normalization Rules, FRBR, Deduplication, feature changes and updates, and customizations. We will discuss issues that affect the consortium and make changes at the Network Zone level. Chair: Jakob Schultz, MSU (10/2017)

E-Resources (ERE)

Evaluate electronic resources, develop user documentation, guidelines, best practices, and recommendations, and offer support to implement new processes or solutions related to the access and discovery of electronic resources. Chair: Hannah McKelvey, MSU (11/2017)

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Collaboratively share knowledge and coordinate OER activities across multiple institutions in Montana. The TRAILS OER program is funded and supported by the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE). Chair: Pamela Benjamin (TRAILS) Interim (7/2021) & Crystine Miller (OCHE) Interim (7/2021)

Professional Development (PDC)

Provide learning opportunities that meet the needs of TRAILS libraries and help to plan and facilitate the TRAILS Symposium. Work with other types of libraries, the Montana State library, the MLA or other appropriate organizations to provide learning opportunities for all Montana libraries. Chair: Pamela Benjamin (TRAILS) (12/2017) & Bobbi Otte, RMC (10/2022)

Resource Sharing & Fulfillment (RSF)

Address topics related to providing patrons across and between campuses with the best possible service and resource access via the quickest means possible. This includes ongoing development of best practices, policies, and mentoring. Chair: Jerusha Shipstead, MCC (10/2021)

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