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Buying collectively is the most cost-effective way to purchase high-quality resources, which enables members to participate in a greater number of consortial offerings that will ultimately serve a greater number faculty, students, and researchers.


Seamless collection sharing facilitates the development of new and shared statewide curricula. Because of cost savings, members can purchase high-impact, cutting-edge materials that are critical for research support and potential commercial developments in research departments and centers of innovation.


Students will interact with a more consistent set of resources, services, and interfaces as they move from advanced-placement high school classes or community colleges, to four-year institutions and graduate schools.


The collective expertise and experience of MT library employees are incalculable; TRAILS members contribute to and benefit from this shared knowledge via consortial committees, an online forum, and an annual conference.

TRAILS Member Institutions

Students, Faculty, and Researchers


Over 4 Million Library Items



Today’s Best Investment, for Montana’s Tomorrow.

TRAILS allows us to provide our students with resources that are specific to their program.  Without TRAILS we could not afford most of these databases.  Because our students have access to quality resources that reflect diverse opinions, they will understand issues better and be more prepared to take on professional responsibilities.

Susan Matter

Director, Flathead Valley Community College Library

To date, TRAILS’ negotiation for high-quality databases and journals has produced a cost avoidance for the state of Montana of:

  • $2 Million This Year
  • $7 Million Over The Next 5 Years

* Compared to list prices institutions could pay when negotiating individually.

We now have access to 49 databases for half what we were paying for one database. That is huge for us.

Bobbi Otte

Director, Rocky Mountain College Library

The University of Providence now has access to language software and new electronic databases that we could not have pursued without the consortium. The value of TRAILS is tremendous.

Oliver Pflug

Director, University of Providence Library

Our association with TRAILS ensures that students and faculty across the state of Montana have access to high-quality research resources, no matter the size or type of their academic institution.

Darlene Hert

Director, MSU – Billings Library

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