Crisis Pedagogy: How to teach Life in Quarantine

Friday, Feb 26, 2021

12:00pm – 1:30pm

Nelson Shuchmacher Endebo, Stanford University, Dave Dillon, Grossmont College, Farah Bazzi, Stanford University, & Ellis Schriefer, Stanford University

Sponsored by Stanford University, Life in Quarantine is a multi-faceted, online platform providing a space for personal experience, art, and creative writing in the times of COVID-19. At the surface level, the LiQ project website houses an online historical archive including hundreds of reflections on the pandemic written by people living across the world that provides students with an opportunity to learn from first-hand descriptions of what living in the pandemic is like from all over. LiQ founders, Farah Bazzi, Ellis Schriefer, and Nelson Shuchmacher, alongside Grossmont College professor and counselor Dave Dillon (creator of the OE textbook Blueprint for Success in College and Career), have found that thoughtfully approaching the pandemic in the classroom is as challenging as it is essential. In order to assist educators experiencing similar challenges across disciplines, the LiQ project has created Teaching Quarantine, an OE initiative that provides the education community with resources and a platform to connect and collaborate.
In this workshop, the founders of LiQ and their collaborator Dave Dillon, will briefly introduce the project and this new initiative and share the importance of integrating our current crisis into the classroom, giving specific examples from their own teaching. The workshop is designed to provide participants with the opportunity to think critically about how the pandemic has affected their students and their pedagogy and to directly engage with fellow educators to grow this OE initiative. Likewise, this workshop will provide students and educators with information on the immense value of cultural competency and the internationalization of curriculum that will enhance students’ experiences both inside and outside the classroom and their ability to adapt to our ever globalizing world. Attendees will gain exposure to ideas and hands-on examples of the pedagogical relevance of such themes and through group activities, they will collaborate, using the LiQ framework, to generate concrete responses appropriate for their students, disciplines, and institutions. Moreover, participants will come away with clear opportunities to become involved in the OE community through collaboration, especially in the lead-up to OE Week (March 1-6). Lastly, this workshop aims to highlight how collectively adapting our pedagogical approaches to the current moment can not only aid instructors and educators across disciplines but more importantly, can provide support for students throughout their education. The skills from this workshop center around “crisis pedagogy,” and they can help educators adapt to the present moment as well as to a future in which they may experience other crises that could similarly affect the education community.

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