Incorporating Self-Care into Course Design

Friday, Oct 16, 2020

1:00pm – 2:00pm

Our learning community is experiencing environmental, social, political, and cultural challenges all that the same time while trying to keep moving forward. The resulting fatigue is especially challenging to the academic community as instructors and students alike are engaging in learning experiences which require more mental capacity than we always have available.
Awareness of and concerns over physical and mental health issues continue to rise outside of the classroom; their affects trickling into the learning experience. This webinar will provide guidelines and practical tips for incorporating self-care practices into the design of your course using methods that support increased learning and engagement. The session will cover aspects of self-care for instructor and student. Whether you are teaching online, face to face, hybrid, or providing instructional support, this webinar will give you ideas, resources, and materials that you can put into practice.

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