Is Ripping for Fair Use Still Important? Considering DMCA 1201 in 2020 and Beyond

Tuesday, Nov 3, 2020

12:00pm – 1:00pm

Presented by Renee Hobbs
Media literacy educators rely on the ability to access movies and popular culture and use them for learning purposes. As “create to learn” pedagogies become increasingly common, students, educators and library patrons continue to rely on ripped excerpts from DVDs. After all, ripped clips of movie DVDs can be educationally useful in presentations as well as in composing remix media production projects. Thanks to the DMCA 1201 exemption, ripping DVDs is legal for educational and creative purposes. But with the rise of streaming media and screencasting, is the process of “ripping” DVDs still as relevant and important as it was in 2006? In this discussion, we’ll consider the future of DMCA 1201, the law that impacts educators, learners, creative people, and librarians. Using an open discussion, we’ll consider the question: Given the rise of streaming video and screencasting and the decline of DVD players in schools, is it worth the effort to preserve the exemption? Why or why not?

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