Building Global Competency and Empathy in Times of Crises: ‘Life in Quarantine’ as an OE Framework

Friday, Feb 26, 2021

10:00am – 11:00am

Nelson Shuchmacher Endebo, Stanford University, Dave Dillon, Grossmont College, Farah Bazzi, Stanford University, & Ellis Schriefer, Stanford University
The COVID-19 pandemic caught the global community by surprise. As the pandemic continues, the disruptive and paralyzing nature of life in the age of social distancing remains front and center. Life in Quarantine: Witnessing Global Pandemic was founded by three Stanford University doctoral students, Farah Bazzi, Ellis Schriefer, and Nelson Shuchmacher, to discover ways in which this global crisis might provide avenues for community building, leadership, global competency, and the cultivation of empathy. The LiQ project has created an online platform that allows communities across the globe to share how the pandemic has changed their lives and reflect on its broader consequences. Although the project began as a global historical archive, relying on personal, written contributions, it transformed into an online hub for various creative collaborations addressing life during the pandemic. One such collaboration that LiQ is most excited about is the partnership with professor and counselor Dave Dillon, and his OE textbook, Blueprint for Success in College and Career. This partnership has generated LiQ’s new initiative ‘Teaching Quarantine,’ an OE resource for educators throughout the United States (and potentially across the world) to share ways in which teachers can incorporate discussions about the pandemic in their classrooms. In this keynote, the founders of Life in Quarantine, alongside professor Dillon, will discuss the exciting evolution of the project. As the project nears its first anniversary, they will reflect together on LiQ’s successes and challenges as well as the meaning of leadership, initiative, and resilience in this difficult time, and share their story of how teachers and students have come together in ways commensurate with the challenge of our time.

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